Tuesday, 20 December 2011

HUNGARY... A Unique Paradise

Hungary is one among the world’s popular tourist destinations...Budapest being the capital city of Hungary acts as a home to various World Heritage Sites; UNESCO.It has got a title as the most beautiful capital city in the World and it said to be the "Queen of the Danube". One can experience two cities, in just one vacation, as the city was been divide into two different parts The Hilly Buda and the Cosmopolitan Pest.

We can find a plenty of interesting museums, attractions, monuments, pleasant restaurants, cafes etc.In special, the nightlife in Hungary gives a great welcome to the tourists with all its beautiful amenities. There are many attractions in and around the city maintaining a dramatic and warm atmosphere. Many of the people fall in love with Hungary, rite at their first site and some people after their fellowship or after getting some awareness.But somehow Hungary attains a good name in everyone’s heart.

As there are many holiday homes in Hungary, one can enjoy a carefree holiday in the city. The holiday home with children play area, large and pleasant terrace, cottage containing pool, parking area etc is common, but House Jelly Tanya is the name of a cottage which is completely different. Previously it was a farm and now it is converted into a nice vacation home that gives an absolute traditional look, but it is completely modernized inside where around 6 people can rest. This house is situated in a very unique place with bushy trees all around and on a plain landscape with grasslands.

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