Monday, 30 May 2011

Factors to Determine While Choosing an Auto Transport Company

People are confused as to which auto transport company should they choose. There are various transport companies in the market. You can find various auto transport companies with the help of telephone directory or through internet. Before choosing a car shipping company find out what services do they offer? Transporting a vehicle takes exceptional skills, tools and insurance, and your household mover may or may not be the best choice for transporting your car. When selecting a car transport company, take advice from your family and friends.

The first thing you have to see when looking for an auto transporter is do proper investigation so that you can avoid major problems in the long run. See to it that they are registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Verify that their DOT or MC numbers are valid, check that the carrier specially credentialed to transport motor vehicles like auto shipping, car shipping etc. Make sure that carriers provide cargo insurance. Find out company's experience with preceding customers. Do contact Better Business Bureau to see whether any complaints are filed against them. Make an effort to get suggestions from past customers, or call someone in a connected field like your car sales representatives for a well versed opinion about car shipping or any auto transport. Find out company's exact policies and procedures. What are the pick up and delivery procedures?

One should pay attention to the company's efficiency in delivering vehicles on schedule which was pre-decided and agreed. Car transport companies do tell people the date of delivery. The date provided by them is just an estimated delivery date and not an accurate date. These companies may have some mechanical or other problems which may cause hindrance in the delivery date. Safety is another thing which should be given topmost importance when selecting a shipping company. Make sure they provide insurance so that you can file a claim in case of robbery or due to unanticipated damage. Most of the auto transport companies provide open and enclosed shipping service. Shipping your vehicle through enclosed truck will be more expensive when compared to open truck. If a client chooses open carrier service, it can cause damage to its vehicle due to certain elements like heat and rain. If certain clients have luxury vehicles it would be better if they choose closed truck as it can lessen damage to the vehicle. Many companies offer door to door delivery service also. They will drop your vehicle at the nearby pick up point.

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