Thursday, 24 March 2011

"Did not Know What Time It Was ...

... Were the lights low
I lean back on my radio
Some cat WAS layin 'down Some rock'n'roll lotta soul, He Said
Then the loud sound did seem to fade
Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase
That Were not no D.J. That Was hazy cosmic jive ... "
When I was 10 my brother told me that (your brother was ten years?) Mmm ... No. .. / When I was 10, my brother told me that "Starman"was a song of freedom *, that and other song whose name I do not remember and no, it has nothing to do with the stirring "We Are the World, We Are the Children ...
The day I received the news that she would be with us and strangely my car speakers plucked "Starman" and now writing this as if I believed in coincidences. As if I had not heard yesterday that there is nothing paradoxical to lose the position and nothing more absurd than to gain freedom.
So this goes well dedicadito Postscript to good Ricardo Olvera:
"There's a starman waiting in the sky
he'd like to come and Meet us
But He Thinks he'd blow Our Minds "
-How do you know I'm mad? -
"You must be " Said the cat.
* Disclaimer: Although my brother was fond of words like "freedom" and "peace" or "love"for their emotional adjectives, I must say that it was hippie and that "as far as-was the kind of dreamer type junkie.

Tags: angular momentum, vacation

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